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Online Bill & Payment Portal!

An Easy & Convenient Way to View and Pay Your Bill Online 


To make a Winslow Waterworks bill payment (even if you have not registered):

·         Go to

·         Under the Unregistered Users heading, click where it says “Click Here to pay your bill.”

·         This will take you to the SOFTtelPay payment system where you will enter your account number, payment amount, and credit card information.

·         You can also call 855-483-5729 to make a payment, and use Winslow’s company code 7295911.

 To register so you can view your next bills online:

  • Before you begin, make sure you have your current bill in hand because you must enter your name and account information exactly as it appears on the bill. (If any information is incorrect, you must contact your utility office through their preferred method.)
  • To begin the registration process, go to and click the “Register” link. You will need the following information from your bill: the last 8 digits of your account number, customer name, and service address.
  • When you register, please be aware that you will still have the option to receive a paper bill, but you must check the box to opt in. If you opt out of receiving a paper bill, you will still be able to print a copy from the website after you login.
  • After you submit your registration, you will receive an email where you must click the link to activate your account. At this point, you can login to your account. However, you will not see your bill until the utility company does your next billing.
  • After the next billing, you will receive an email notifying you that your bill is ready to be viewed. Be sure to add the following 2 email addresses to your Address Book so the emails do not get blocked: and
  • Once you have received your first bill, you can click the link and login with your email address and password to view your bill. If you wish, you can pay your bill from your account screen or from the Bulletin Board screen. (You will need the last 8 digits of your account number from your bill.)

When you sign up for Online Billing Services you will receive a monthly email notification when your bill is ready for viewing.  No more bills to file or shred!!  Simply register for Online Billing Services and you will have instant access to your account information.




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